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Calcutta Nightlife

Calcutta in 1990s had a great transformation in its nightlife, many discos, bars, and clubs opened its gates, dance floors has been frequented for young people. Now you have the possibility of choice your nocturnal activity that you want to do in the night, discotheques are very fun and untiring dancing, the music is mixed with India dance, western music, Hindi hop, reggae, blues, trance and banghra. The nightclubs are casuals and very fashionable, and donít have a dress code.

Some places where you can go in Calcutta are: Tentra, Someplace Else, Dublin, The Big Ben and Roxy; and other discotheques as Anticlock, Equinox, Incognito and Primadona. But if you prefer nightlife quieter, maybe you can go to listen traditional music in live in the Academy of Fine Arts, in Awabhumi or in Kala Mandir.

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