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Getting Calcutta

Calcutta is well connected with west of India, and it is a centre for the communication with other countries South East Asia. You can arrive there by different media of transport.

Getting There

By Air

Netaji Subhash Candra Bose International Airport is located at Dum Dum, in the northeast of the city, to 17 kilometers of the city centre. This airport connects Calcutta with other cities of South East Asia, it receive with frequently flights from Europe and North America, and it is connect with most of important cities of India like Delhi, Chennai, Patna, Ahmedabad, and Others. This airport is an important place for competitive air fares of other parts of Asia. In the airport you will find many taxis, for the service you pay about 150-250 rubies, and if you are more adventurous you can use the new rail link of Dum Dum, where you take the metro.

By Train

Calcutta is connected with major cities of the India, and serve as the gateway to the North Eastern India; the city has two railway station; Howrah and Sealdah, platforms 1 to 16 are in Howrah, platforms 17 to 22 are in the new Sealdah Station. Computerized Railway Reservation Offices are in several places of the city, but some times the railway services are hindered by the lack of modern equipment.

By Road or By Bus

Extensive Network of National Highways connects to Calcutta with major cities of India, towns and tourist places attraction. Busses arrive to esplanade Bus Station, and from there departs daily busses to different parts of India and to other countries. Several travel agencies and private companies offers tickets to the busses, but prices are very expensive.

By Boat

The Hooghly River offers transportations less crowded but slow, you can board several ferries in different points of the bank of the river, in general the ferries can be small improvised motorized boats or large launches, it is free travel manner of go to old parts of the city.

Getting Around

By Taxi

You can get easily a taxi in Calcutta, they are always available and are a less expensive; the ambassador taxis (model of the Hindustan Ambassador) in Calcutta are painted of yellow.

By Metro

It is the most efficient transportation in Calcutta, Metro Railway was the first underground rail in the India, this unite the south and north of the Calcutta, and is least crowded, most reliable and cleanest.

By Tram

The transport for this service slow but these is one of the principal manners of traveling around the city; Calcutta Tramways is the unique tram service in the country. They are a media of transportation that not contaminate the environment.

By Bus

Calcutta State Transport Corporation is the better options, they offer deluxe buses, but other buses are available too, they are cheapest, buses network are very extensive but arenít the most comfortable means of travel in the city.

By Rickshaw

O Only in Calcutta is possible see human pulled rickshaws, and this is a major form of the transport, they work in the day, and they are more than 35,000 members around the city. Other possibility is the auto-rickshaw; they are available in different parts of the city.

Car Hire

It isnít the better option because the city is crowded and supports a great traffic, but this is more comfortable and if you wish, the companies give you a car with driver.

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