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Calcutta has 185 Km2 of area, located along the east bank of the river Hooghly, Calcutta includes 38 local municipalities, urban agglomeration is administer by these municipalities, and comprises 72 cities, and divided in several zones like Chowringhee, Maidan, Dalhousie Square, North Calcutta, South Calcutta, East Calcutta and Howrah.


Chowringhee is the most famous and historical district of Calcutta, there are many colonial villas and palaces, in this area is located some most important institution of Calcutta like Indian Museum, Asiatic Society, the Victorian Grand Hotel, and New Market, its name probably comes from the road that led to Kalighat temple; the meaning of Chowringhee is four-colored, and this maybe was reference to multicolored road. More lately was known as the English Burial Road, because this way led to the English cemetery, after the road change its name to Park Street when the Justice Supreme Court built its Garden House, the area was became in a fashionable address, lately was named Theater's Road. Now the state is decay and crowded with shoppers and stores.


This zone is the largest green field inside the city, is bordered by Howringhee Road, to the east, Esplanade in the north, racecourse in the south, and the Strands and Hooghly River in the west, there is a place where many people make sport and recreational activities, . The Maidan area includes beautiful places as Fort William, Birla Planetarium, Ochterlony Monument, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Nehru Children’s Museum, the Nandan/Rabindra Sadan Complex, the Academy of Fine Arts, and Eden Garden & Stadium. And there is some important local football clubs like Mohanbagan, East Bengal, and Mohammedan Sporting. Other clubs are there too, such as, Calcutta Ladies Golf Club, Calcutta Bowling Club; before it was a place for the elite, but now common citizens make exercise, play soccer or cricket and children and young play other games.

Park Street

It is part of Maidan, but is an important place for tourist; there you can find the Asiatic Society which has a reading room and gallery art with antiquities, paintings, collection of coins, and Ashoka’s stone edicts; and Park Street Cemetery, with its pyramids, obelisks, pavilions and headstones.

Dalhousie Square

This place is a historical center is known to by Central Calcutta; when Calcutta was the capital of the Indian British Raj, Dalhousie Square was the centre of the political, social and financial, now is a place where keep several building of this time, in two square kilometers, there the most notable buildings are Writers' Building, the General Post Office, Eastern Railway headquarters, the Calcutta Stock Exchange, the Scottish St. Andrew's Kirk, the Old Mission Church, St. John's Church, the Government House, the Assembly House, the High Court, the Town Hall and the Millennium Park along the river bank.

North Calcutta

This part was very prosper in 19th century, there Bengalis created his little palaces, beautiful parks, now markets are continuing to thriving unchanged, and there is several places for tourist, for example; Armenian Church of Lady of Nazareth, the Portuguese Roman Catholic Cathedral, Nakhoda Masjid, a thriving Chinatown, The Marvel Palace, Sonagachi, Rabindra Bharati Museum, the famous Indian Coffee House, College Street Ashutosh Museum of Indian History and Jain temples (Belgachia, Manicktolla).

South Calcutta

This area is home of the Bengalis of middle clase, is located at south of Maidan and Park Street, in the road to Kalighat to Tollygunge, is a suburbs zone, at little distance of the centre of Calcutta. South Calcutta is divided in three zones, Alipore, Ballygunge and the lakes, Kalighat; In Alipore you can find the popular Calcutta Zoo, National Library and Horticultural Gardens. Ballygunge includes Birla Industrail and Technologically Museum, the Indu temple Birla Mandir, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Gol Park, the Lake Kali Bari, the man-made Rabindra Sarobar lakes where practice rowing, and markets like Gariahat Mor (heart Bengalis shopping), Gariahat Market and Lake Market. And in Kalighat is the important Kalighat’s Temple, and Nirmal Hriday, home of Mother Teresa for destitute and dying.

East Calcutta

There Calcutta open up its limits, and the suburbs are sprawling, in east of Calcutta is the Netaji Subhash Bose Stadium that hosts occasionally soccer tournaments, Nico Park, park where families have time part at the weekends, and Aquatica a complex pool with beach and other attraction like the Black Hole.


The town of Howrah is an industrial place; it is an important and integral part for the city and for its locations should be a separate town, has two great constructions, the Howrah Bridge and Vidyasagar Setu. The area includes Botanical Gardens, and Gaths like a Nimtolla Ghat, Kumartuli Ghat, Baghbazaar Ghat, Armenian Ghat, Chandpal Ghat and Babu Ghat.

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