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Calcutta Eating

Bengali style of eating is unique and each one has his own manner to eat, in Calcutta you can have the privilege of to find different style of yummy and mouthwatering dishes, and for all budgets. Calcutta offers you much kind of excellent restaurants with varieties in their cuisines; these could be Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Manchurian, Mughlai Kababs, Tandoor, and Continental from the western countries. Common Indian menus are offering in those restaurants too.

Traditionally Indian cuisine has sweets and desserts like Pantua, Rasomalai, Rasagolla, Mishti Dahi, Sandesh, Puchkas. Jyoti Vihar (Vegetarian Restaurant) and Raj Restaurant are restaurants cheaper but clean and tasty. Other restaurants like a Biriyani, Nizamís, Flurysís, Kwality, and Peter Cat, are in mid range, they are located in Park Street or in a Park Circus, they serve Mughlai food, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, tandoori and continental food, their prices are 100-300 rupees. The Tibetan cuisine exists in Calcutta, this is not expensive but it is famous between Indians, places like a Momo plaza and Dim Sums are located in the Let Road. The most excellent and expensive restaurant like Zaraang, Oh Calcutta!, Aheli and restaurants of hotels of four or five stars have a good north Indian food, and international cuisine.

Calcutta Drinking

Drink in India is not popular, the people go out to clubs but they donít drink. Though Calcutta has some spirits such as Bhang, it is made of milk and herbs (not drugs), or Calcutta Emerals and its derivates. And in some places as Shibujiís Soda Shikanji you can get variety of drinks, with extravagant mixtures made of salt, pepper and lime with coca cola or cream soda.

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