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Culture in Calcutta is large set of activities, festivities and habits, people come out of their home very early; they have several habits such as walk, jogging, catching up one another, stretching or simply drinking a cup of tea. The Bengalis enjoys his morning with sweets or yummy dishes, and always they are joyful.

Calcutta culture is difficult to define because in the city exists many cultural expressions of the people that live there such as religions, traditions and habits, this does that the city becomes a multicultural place. Calcutta has volatile poets, sensitive artists and romantic man and women; where the people show talent and passion and they live lively and with great enthusiasm.

An adda is the discussion between friends in short or long session in the living room, in snack bar, in the corner of the neighbourhood, on the metro, in the bus stop or in the market, they talk calmly about topics as politic, religion, sport, films, music, books, food, news, etc… the Bengalis are proud of their adda, and they say that the city is the centre of this way of the talk, and they are very passionate but never they never have finished in arguments.

The music is very popular in Calcutta, the traditional music is listening en each home and somebody each family wants to be singer, you listen variety from classic music of Tagore to glad India music. Today, the Indian music is more popular in the world through the Indian films that has undergone from dramatics and tragedies scenes to danced films, and very expressive from the joyous Indian culture.

Festivals are the multicultural expressions of the cosmopolitan Calcutta, those are specially a religious and traditional phenomenon, Calcutta is home of the Bengalis, Hindus, Anglo Indians, Armenians, Marwaris, Parsis, and china town, each one of cultures has its festivities. The gladdest festival is Holi where people run throwing colored water and colored powder generally green and magenta, in the night, the people go to museum, where three musicians play beautiful Indian songs and you can see the fountain adorned with multicoloured lights.

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