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Calcutta Travel Guide

Calcutta formerly was called Kolkata, it lies to the eastern of India, on the east bank of the Hooghly River; Calcutta is the capital of Indian State West Bengal. The population of Calcutta is over of 14 million in the metropolitan area, making it the third largest city in India.

This State of India is surrounded by the countries of Nepal and Bhutan on the north, the country of Bangladesh on the east; Assam State on the north east, the Bay of Bengal State on the south, Orissa State on the south west and Bihar on the west. The State has a great culturally and ethnically variety; people inherit their identity and aspiration from ancient habitants. Calcutta show this cultural diversity, with different religions, languages and ethnicities, these differences donít separate the people in West Bengal, instead unified them making to Calcutta a rich landscape.

Calcutta is known for its poverty but it is a city with soul, compelling and a peculiar mixture between the names and architecture from its streets of British influence and its ambience and people of Indian identity. Calcutta is the charming city, its people are friendly and talkative, and they speak proudly their ethnic language, the Bengali.

The city was Indian capital in the British Raj until 1911; for those days Calcutta was a center of culture, politics, science and modern education but in 1947 during Indiaís independence Calcutta was in an economic stagnation, just since 2000 the economic situation is better there. Calcutta like a large cities have troubles such as pollution, traffic, urbanization and poverty.

When you go to Calcutta you should get Indian Visa before you go, know about immunization but it isnít necessary, bring medicines for some diseases in this place, and drink only bottle water. You can use credit cards and travelerís checks, hotels and tourist services work with Citibank and American Express that have offices in Calcutta.

The city is land of many Indian personalities and foreign personalities, like a Rabindranath Tagore who won the Novel Prize in 1913, he wrote in Bengali language an epic verse Gitanjali, now his work is in English and other languages. Calcutta maybe is the charity city too, because is the home of the Mother Teresa's who helped to many people, especially children that live in the poverty, old people and sick people. She founded the Missionaries of Charity, in this institution you can serve for short or long time helping to people. Maybe Calcutta is the place where the human rights have been developed more than other place.

In West Bengal you can find magnificent Himalayas, beautiful Sikkim, imperial edifices, teeming bazaars, club and golf courses, museums and elegant hotels.

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