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Anjuna Nightlife

Anjuna’s nightlife is very famous, especially by its Acid House Party. Now these parties aren’t frequent, but in the 1980s the beaches of Anjuna are very popular in its full moon parties and with hippie’s parties, a very loud music was characteristic in these parties, but today the prohibition of don’t amplified the music after 10 pm by the authorities and the increasingly large pay-offs demanded by local police, make that the parties are doing with less frequency. Although, the big parties such as the Full-Moon period, Christmas and New Year, still take place there.

But lots of discotheques and pubs today are located above from Vagator Beach, there Anjuna Beach discos include temptations and wonderful variety of music mixed by local DJs or visiting DJs with their cutting-edge fusion, the experience in these discos and parties are very exotic and memorable.

Some discos in Anjuna where you can go are: Paradiso, Bamboo Forest, Nine Bar, Shore Bar, Axirwaad, and Primrose Café.

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