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Best of Anjuna

The attraction of Anjuna is its beaches of golden sand, natural places and trance parties, but Anjuna has some sightseeing where you can go, these places are:

Albuquerque Mansion

There is an attractive Mangalore tile roof, and its octagonal towers, making of this Mansion a beautiful place, the Mansion was built in 1920.

Mascarenhas Mansion

It is a very beautiful place; the mansion has the finest of stained glass floral etching, elegant balconies and large shaped seat of the monument along the length of the porch is of expensive wood.

The Chapora Fort

This fort was built by the Muslim rulers before that the Portuguese invaded India, and is well preserved except by few ruins, from there you have a splendid view of the beach.

The Wednesday Flea Market

Is a good market to shop, an you can get variety of items and things, is very popular in all State of Goa.

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