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Ajmer Travel Guide

Ajmer is a small town located to in Rajasthan, in the western area of India's territory, to 126 kilometers south west of Jairpur, Ajmer is inside of a green oasis surrounded by barren hills, is a point where the rock Aravalli Hills end and the Thar Desert begins.

Ajmer is a very popular place where many Muslim and Hindu pilgrimages come; they go there because there is the Dagar Sharif Tomb of the Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, and both Muslims and Hindus revere equally to the saint.

In the town you can find a prestigious Mayo College that is the proud of Ajmer, this College is an exclusive school for Indian nobility, the British chose the Ajmer for this reason, and the town became in the centre of the culture and education.

The city was founded by Raja Ajai Pal Chauhan around 7th century, He built the first hill fort of India there, called Ajaimeur or the invincible hill, after of this fact, Ajmer became in the major centre of Chauhan power. Later, in 1193, Ajmer was conquered by the Delhi sultanate; nevertheless, the sultanate handed the land to the Ajmer rulers for the payment of a heavy tribute, in 1365, the Delhi sultanate lost the city when the ruler of Mewar captured it. In 1532 the maharaja of Marwar captured it and the Marwar Empire rules it until 1559, time in that the Mughal Empire conquered Ajmer led by the emperor Akbar, since then the city was controlled by the Mughal Empire. In 1770 Ajmer was ceded to the Marathas. In 1818, the Marathas sold to the British for 50,000 rupees, and Ajmer became in a peaceful city and an established governance.

In Ajmer you can find wide streets, handsome houses, and the Anasagar artificial lake, adorned with a marble structure called Baradi. Some places in the city that you can see The Dargah, Shahjahans Mosque, Adhai din Ka Jhonpara, Taragarh Fort, The Museum and Mayo College.

From Ajmer you can go to visit Puskar Lake, it is located to 11 kilometers from the city, is an important tourist destination because there is the Hindu temple of the Lord Brahma, this temple was built around 14th century, and is a only temple of Brahma in the world. Brahma is the God known how Creator of all creation.

The best time to go to Ajmer is between October and March. During other seasons the clime of Ajmer is extreme because the area is typical desert. Temperatures during the summer are very high and in winters are very low.

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